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Deep Teeth Cleaning

Deep Teeth Cleaning

Deep teeth cleaning is on top of regular cleaning of food debris and plaque, the dentist needs to eliminate bacteria in gum pockets to stimulate healing from gum disease. 


The pain and discomfort level is differ for each patient depending on the conditions of their teeth among other factors like the depth of gum pockets, severity of root decay, gum swollen, and other issues. 


You don’t have to worry because we have different anesthetic options to help numb the areas with topical gels and injectable anesthetics. Our dentists have many years of experience with dental deep cleaning procedures to properly manage the pain and ease the soreness and sensitivity during the cleaning. A deep cleaning is necessary where your gym is swollen or inflamed.



The best way to combat gum disease is with a good oral hygiene practice of daily teeth brushing and flossing. Combining with regular check up and teeth cleaning at our dental offices, you will see a noticeable difference in your teeth health!

Don't forget to ask about our teeth whitening for a brighter smile!

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