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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

It’s important to clean your teeth at home everyday. However, regular check up with our dentist is recommended to ensure a healthy mouth. 


There are plaque, tarter and bacteria build-up on your teeth in difficult areas that are hard to reach with at home regular brushing.  Combining regular at home mouth hygiene and regular dentist visits will help protect you from potential tooth decay, toothless, gum diseases and other oral problems. A healthy at home teeth cleaning should include brushing and flossing.


At Unique Dental, we recommend an average teeth cleaning session every 3 months or more often depending on the conditions of your teeth. Bacteria buildup can come from smoking, food and beverages that can lead to gum and teeth sensitivity.


After a cleaning session with us, you will feel that fresh feeling from the newly cleaned, smooth and polished teeth. You will notice your teeth appear white and your smile is brighter. If you really want to really whiten your teeth, check out our teeth whitening process here.


Our general teeth cleaning session is about 30 minutes to an hour depending on your teeth. Your appointment may take longer with an X-ray exam and consultation on different potential oral problems.


A lot of patients put off seeing a dentist for routine cleanings because they are afraid that teeth cleaning is going to hurt. At Unique Dental, we have top notch dentists with many years of experience, gentle hands and good bedside manner to take care of your teeth. We understand your fears and strive to minimize your discomfort and pain as much as possible to set you on the road to good oral hygiene. Book your teeth cleaning appointment today with our office.

Dental Cleaning
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